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About Polla Pratt

Ozone, Oxygen & Somatic Therapist


I am the Founder of the Superpowered Self-Healing Club. I am a professionally trained Ozone, Oxygen & Somatic Therapist who has healed myself and have helped 100’s of others to heal themselves using DIY Home Ozone Therapy. I specialize in Somatic Trauma Resolution and healing Acute & Chronic Illness. 

I am passionate about health sovereignty and helping as many people as possible to: get their own Home Ozone Therapy systems and learn how to use them; become the Master Self-Healers they innately are; and to heal themselves and loved ones at home by stimulating, balancing, and nourishing their innate self-healing capacities using 100% natural therapies.  

I am also very passionate about ending the mis-understanding, mis-use and malpractice of Standard Ozone Therapy that is 99.9% based on Germ Theory “science” and the killing of both non-existent viruses and benevolent microbes within us.  

I am currently leading a new Superpowered Self-Healing movement that is working to empirically honor (Therapeutic Ozone) as the highly nutritious and omnipotent sacred self-healing substance that it truly is and for how it truly works. I just started a new Holographic Blood® research project with The Bigelsen Academy to inquire, explore and discover the true efficacies of Therapeutic Ozone. 

I am a member of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (since 1999), a Certified Ozone Therapist with the AAOT, and a Certified Oxygen Therapist with WHN. I have been in private practice in Northern California for 25 years. 

About Dr. Marizelle Arce

Biological Terrain Medicine Specialist


Marizelle Arce, N.D., is a pioneering naturopathic terrain doctor, certified kinesiologist, and nutrition expert with a perspective on healthcare that is informed by her diverse upbringing and educational experiences. 

She specializes in nutrition and food education for degenerative diseases as well as preventative health, and has a special interest in ancestral healthcare, a subject that was not widely known. She conducts her own research, which led her to the works of Drs. Weston Price, Gunther Enderlein, and Royal Lee.   

Dr. Arce is a proponent of sustainable farming done without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, clean water and an unpolluted environment, the use of nontoxic building materials, and strict adherence to traditional dietary principles; as well as of the avoidance of vaccines and pharmaceutical agents. She is a drugless practitioner and believes in the body's innate wisdom. Rather than assessing pathogens, her very effective approach to wellness emphasizes sustaining and restoring the natural balance of the body.   

About Dr. Melissa Sell

German New Medicine Specialist


Dr. Melissa Sell is a chiropractor who specializes in conscious awareness practices and the 5 Biological Laws of Germanische Heilkunde (German New Medicine). 

She blends her knowledge of the innate healing capacity of the body with the powerful GHk framework along with practical tools for noticing the connections between perception, experience, and physical adaptations to offer a unique perspective on how to get well.

Her goal is to empower you to see these connections for yourself in a spirit of peaceful curiosity and make it easy for you to learn these tools for yourself so you have them with you in every life situation.