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Polla Pratt
Dr. Marizelle Arce &
Dr. Melissa Sell


Start healing yourself & loved ones immediately in the privacy of your own home while saving a lot of money!

Become your own best doctor & learn how to make your own best medicine in the world’s first Somatics & Terrain based Ozone Therapy Class.
Learn how to un-diagnose yourself & re-diagnose the real roots of your dis-ease & accelerate your self-healing with DIY Home Ozone Therapy!

This Private Members Only Masters Class offers a whole new paradigm of self-healing through personal self-responsibility & empowering do-it-yourself practices for Self-Healers.

In this class I teach you what 99.9% of Doctors, Practitioners & People don’t know about Ozone Therapy so you can spare yourself of their standard one size fits all “Killing Doses of Ozone” & the results they create, and I share with you my Alchemical Secrets to Creating your own Custom “Life-Affirming Doses of Ozone” so you can Superpower your Self-healing & next level your whole life!

Dr. Marizelle Arce gives you a Special Self-healing Club Members Only--Introduction to Biological Terrain Medicine & teaches you how to Un-diagnose yourself & confidently drop your diagnosis.

Dr. Melissa Sell gives you a Special Self-healing Club Members Only--Introduction to German New Medicine & teaches you how to Re-diagnose yourself & get to the psychological & emotional roots of your dis-ease.

This is NOT a professional training for doctors, practitioners or people who want to offer Ozone Therapy to their patrons for profits (see FAQ’s).

If you are ready to Become Your Own Best Doctor & re-frame, re-diagnose & re-solve your dis-eases & re-claim yourself & your passion for living life to the fullest—then this Private Master Class is for YOU!

*Get a Special Deal & Club Member Discount on your own Home Ozone Therapy System when you take this Private Master Class


The #1 Cause of Dis-ease is Lack of Education

If you or a loved one are chronically ill or struggling with your health, and especially if you have been diagnosed with one of 100’s of scary big pharma diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Lymes
  • Strokes
  • Chronic Fatigue
Then you are probably feeling drained, exhausted and stuck and are wondering:

What if I never heal? 

How long can I keep going like this? 

How can I get my energy and passion for life back?... let alone get through this day?

I know first-hand the despair of deathly & depressing allopathic diagnoses

I have experienced first-hand the day in and day out of being chronically ill, and the fear of not being able to gain my health back and to make it in this world—because I have been there!

I have been wrongfully diagnosed with “Cancer”, “Lymes”, “Viruses”, “Bacterial Infections” “Parasitic Diseases”, “Mold Toxicities” etc.. 

And I know that there are millions of you out there that resonate with my message because ‘big pharma diseases’ are exponentially on the rise!!!

Most people who come to into my Ozone Therapy practice & classes have tried “everything” and just can’t seem to get better. 

Many are struggling with inflammation, body aches & pains, chronic fatigue, brain fog and other seemingly more serious body symptoms & diagnosis that your Doctor tells you can only be “fixed” by suppressing them with synthetic drugs and or surgeries in order to survive.

I know that these are scary situations that create further psychological and emotional stresses and further undermine your health and your ability to heal.

If you are one of the millions who are waking up to the fact that our Doctors have been indoctrinated into promoting a profit driven system that seeks to create and maintain life-long customers then you must be losing trust (if you still have any left at all) and are now seeking natural solutions & real remedies that are in your control-- so that you can actually heal and get your life back.

The real culprit of your dis-ease as well as the exponentially rising levels of dis-eases that are sweeping this world are primarily due to a lack of education.

To make things as simple as possible: 

Your dis-ease is not what you have been told it is 

The truth of how your body truly works has been suppressed 

Nothing on the outside causes health problems if your inside is balanced & working optimally & efficiently 

Re-education is necessary to understand the real roots of your dis-ease & how your body is designed & equipped to heal itself of any and all dis-ease

Think About It!

If you don’t identify & address the real roots of your dis-ease & start fueling your body’s innate self-healing capacities…you will simply continue to seek the suppression of your symptoms & stay sick!

Did you know that:
80% of all dis-ease comes from
unresolved emotional issues.
— Dr. Barre Lando 

Did you know?

That your thoughts, feelings & beliefs drive your biology & your state of health or ill health?


for those of you who continue to hand-your-healing-over to external “authorities” and or to a pill or surgery to fix you--and who are not ready to reach inside yourselves to inquire, explore, discover and resolve the real roots of your dis-ease/imbalance-- this is simply an inconvenient truth that you will most likely choose to continue to suppress.


for those of you who are willing to look inside themselves & to take full self-responsibility for your own health & well-being & commit to your own self-healing process—you will SELF-HEAL!

Your Determination to Self-heal is Key to Your Success

It was my determination to heal myself along with my Home Ozone Therapy practice that got me out of the gutter of a debilitating chronic illness over 11 years ago.

Since then, over the past 8 years I have helped 100’s of super sick people who have come to into my Ozone Therapy practice & online trainings (many of them had been wrongfully diagnosed with deathly big pharma diseases) and I got to tell you…

those who truly want to heal & are committed to re-educating themselves & to their self-healing process ARE ALL SUCCESSFUL!

“Using Polla's approach I quickly diminished my severe debilitating brain fog by 80% after I had struggled it with for 6 years!!!”

Marilyn Brown

Ozone Speeds Up Your Self-healing!


Ozone is essentially “triple oxygen” and offers a superpowered natural oxygenation that—when understood & used in specific ways--catalyzes self-healing processes on all levels: emotionally, psychologically, physiologically, spiritually and energetically.

When used correctly, Ozone stimulates 100’s of superpowered self-healing sequences, nourishes your body with its’ concentrated energy rich nutrients, giving your body extra energy to balance itself and maintain homeostasis & optimal states of health.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­When used correctly Ozone Therapy:

  • superpowers mitochondria & all cellular functioning with its power packed nutrition
  • detoxifies your body
  • improves brain functioning
  • reduces pain & inflammation
  • increases antioxidants up to 300%
  • increases energy & focus
  • regenerates cardiovascular & heart health
  • aids in oral & periodontal conditions
  • heals leaky gut & whole digestive track imbalances
  • stimulates your immune system
  • increases quality of sleep, skin tone & well-being
  • stimulates elastin & collagen
  • improves blood circulation
  • supports cellular vitality
  • increases joint mobility
  • aids in wound healing
  • reduces arthritis
  • reduces your biological age & a whole lot more...

The 2 Questions
I like to ask people when

they are first getting started with Home Ozone Therapy are:

Question #1. If you are already super healthy then what will you do with TRIPLE ENERGY?

This question is a very important question to ask yourself because you will want to be as clear & proactive as possible about how you choose to channel this Triple Energy & Creative Life Force that Ozone makes available to you—rather than letting others use up your extra energy for their own agendas.

Question #2. If you are super sick then what will the Ozone heal 1st, 2nd & 3rd?

“Therapeutic Ozone is an alive & conscious substance. It innately knows & innately goes to where we need it the most & it prioritizes itself in everybody’s body differently.

And, Ozone is accumulative. It picks up where it left off so when we stack, pack & track it—in the right ways--we can reverse chronic illness, regenerate our body & speed up our Superpowered Self-Healing” ~ Polla Pratt

Are you ready to go on a Sacred Self-healing Journey?

In this Private Members Only Master Class you will embark on a Sacred Self-healing Journey not offered anywhere else in this world as I teach you things about Somatic Self-healing & Ozone that no one else can, and where Dr. Marizelle Arce teachers you the 10 Steps to Un-diagnosing yourself using Biological Terrain Medicine—NOT available anywhere else in this world, and where Dr. Melissa Sell teaches you the 10 Steps to Re-diagnosing yourself using German New Medicine NOT available anywhere else in this world!

JOIN US in this safe, supportive & inspiring self-healing class where you will be met with a whole lot of love, kindness and supreme self-healing support.

  • The mantra of this class is “All Answers Are Within”
  • The mudra of this class is “A Big Self-Hug”

  • The answer to your success in this class is “Unconditional Self-Love”

  • And to succeed in this class you must be: Willing to take FULL Self-Responsibility for your health & well-being

This is your Call to Action to START SELF-HEALING NOW!

It’s time to STOP:
  • looking for someone to validate and diagnose your symptoms
  • making excuses for anything that prevents your self-healing (and you know what these things are)
  • blaming the medical system for why you can’t improve your health
And, it’s time to START:
  • re-educating yourself about how your body truly works
  • becoming the Master Self-healer you innately are
  • taking FULL Self-Responsibility to HEAL YOURSELF!

"Starting Ozone Therapy with Polla was a major turning point in my recovery from a major debilitating disease that had taken over my life”
Zach Merriken

This Private Master Class helps you do exactly that


First Things First!

All the answers to your personal, professional & earthly realm challenges are within you.

Nature doesn’t create disease, humans do.

We have everything that we need to succeed—guaranteed!

We just need to wholeheartedly believe in our innate self-healing capacities, learn how our bodies and this realm really work & then take committed action to heal ourselves.


This precedent setting Private Master Class offers you a whole new paradigm, multidisciplinary practice & proven method for Self-Healers who are ready to re-frame, re-diagnose & resolve their own dis-eases & re-claim themselves & their passion for living life to the fullest!

Now you can finally gain the skill set & support you need to actually heal yourself!

Think about it: if you don’t address the roots of your dis-ease & fuel your body’s innate self-healing capacities…you will simply continue to suppress your symptoms & stay sick.

Learn how to HEAL YOURSELF & how most people are going about it completely backwards.

If you truly commit & follow this Simple 3 Step Process you can & will HEAL YOURSELF!


Get your own Home Ozone Therapy System



 Take this Superpowered Self-Healing Private Master Class



 Receive 3 Months Weekly Live Interactive Support to Stack, Pack & Track Ozone in your body, mind & spirit


No where else are you going to learn a proven Foundation, Framework & Formula for Superpowered Self-healing that gives you:

  • Succinct Somatic Practices that support your embodied autonomy based on my 25 years of Somatic Trauma Therapy Skills training & professional practice

  • The healing arts of Terrain-Based Ozone Dosing based on my 11 years combined personal & professional Ozone Therapy experience & supporting 100’s of people to self-heal from their own unique situations

  • The 1st ever 10 Step Guide to Un-diagnosing yourself using Biological Terrain Medicine by Dr. Marizelle Arce (*originally created for the Superpowered Self-Healing Club Members)

  • The 1st ever 10 Step Guide to Re-Diagnosing yourself using German New Medicine by Dr. Melissa Sell (*originally created for the Superpowered Self-Healing Club Members)

  • A proven DIY Home Ozone Therapy Practice for Superpowered Self-Healing from whatever ails you--all originally designed & vetted by Polla Pratt, MA, SEP, RSMT, COT

Here it is!

Your Superpowered Self-Healing Foundation, Framework & Formula

Each of the following 7 Essential Superpowered Self-Healing Learning Modules in this DIY Home Ozone Therapy Private Master Class are laid out in order to easily walk you through each step of the way to your Superpowered Self-Healing Success!

By following along with each of the easy-to-follow videos & correlating PDF’s for each module you will be guided & will gain the confidence you need to be successful on your self-healing journey.

The 7 Essential Superpowered Self-healing Learning Modules include:

  1. Become Your Own Best Doctor
  2. Un-diagnose Yourself
  3. Re-diagnose Yourself
  4. Conduct Your Own Health Intake
  5. Design Your Own Program
  6. Chart Your Own Treatments
  7. Mastering Home Ozone Therapy

Plus, you’ll get 3 Months of Weekly Private Live Interactive 90 minute Coaching Calls that are designed to answer your Ozone questions, help you to integrate and embody the material, and make your Superpowered Self-Healing journey as easy, exciting and fun as possible!

Your Superpowered Self-Healing

is awaiting you inside once you join the World’s 1st Somatics & Terrain based Home Ozone Therapy Private Master Class in which you will learn how to:

1. Become Your Own Best Doctor

In this module you will learn:

  • Somatic Sovereignty Skills that make YOU the authority & your own best Doctor
  • How to facilitate a direct connection with your body’s innate wisdom
  • How to have direct conversations with your Autonomic Nervous System
  • How to make the best decisions about your own self-healing process
  • How to track where the Ozone went, what it did, and in what order it did it
  • A core practice for: Somatic Self-Regulation, Somatic Trauma Resolution, & your DIY Home Ozone Therapy practices


2. Un-diagnose Yourself

In this module you will learn:

  • How Un-diagnosing yourself is key to your self-healing
  • The truth about Big Pharma Diagnosis’s
  • How diagnosis are designed to make you think that your body works in separate parts & sometimes against itself
  • That diagnosis are mere stories concocted to keep you dependent on the medical system
  • To detach yourself from your diagnosis & free yourself to self-heal!
  • How to not fall prey to the diagnosis given to you, how to discover how your body truly works & how we are all innate self-healers

3. Re-Diagnose Yourself

In this module you will learn:

  • How to educate yourself on German New Medicine Basics
  • How to understand & interpret which phase of self-healing you are in at any given time
  • The importance of making a symptom timeline & discovering the conflict tracks that reactivate your symptoms
  • How to recognize & translate your healing phase symptoms
  • The importance of consulting GNM resources & seeking guidance
  • How developing a systematic framework for developing understanding of your inner state of being is essential to your self-healing process
  • How to create a Plan for Resolution of your dis-eases

4. Conduct Your Own Health Intake

In this module you will learn:

  • How Conducting your own Pre-Ozone Therapy Health Intake is one of the first steps to becoming your own best Doctor & beginning your Superpowered Self-Healing journey
  • The basic questions to ask yourself & loved ones when conducting your own Pre-Ozone Therapy Health Intake
  • The importance of each inquiry, exploration & discovery in the template provided
  • How to think through your completed intake, tie it all together & begin to prioritize what you want to focus on in your self-healing program
  • How to use this information to help you Design your own Superpowered Self-Healing Program

5. Design Your Own Program

In this module you will learn:

  • The 4 Key Components that provide the foundation, framework & formula to draw from as you custom design your own Superpowered Self-Healing Program
  • How to design your ideal Self-Healing Lifestyle & Ozone Treatment Schedule into a daily life you love & look forward to living
  • How to assess, address, prioritize & incorporate your multi-dimensional needs (mental, emotional, physical, energetic, etheric, spiritual etc.) into an integrated Self-Healing Program that transforms your complete health & well-being
  • How to incorporate Somatics, Ozone Therapy, Biological Terrain Medicine & German New Medicine into your Superpowered Self-Healing Program
  • How you can adapt the Superpowered Self-Healing Program Design Template (provided) to meet your own specific needs, desires & goals

6. Chart your Own Treatments

In this module you will learn:

  • Why consistent committed Ozone Journaling & Charting of every treatment is necessary in order to become your own best doctor
  • How my simple & easy to use system for Ozone Charting & Journaling helps you to:
    • understand & more consciously & precisely use your equipment
    • understand the gamma concentration of Ozone you are using & its effects
    • understand the volume of Ozone you are using (in milliliters or in time)
    • systematically track your somatic feedback loops & begin to make sense of them
    • identify what you did that lead you to major breakthroughs
    • identify what you did that lead you to major Herxheimer Reactions
    • continually adjust your practice to maximize your Superpowered Self-Healing Results

7. Mastering Ozone Therapy

In this module you will learn:

  • How 99.9% of the worldwide Ozone Therapy Industry including all Medical & Educational institutions have been hijacked, infiltrated & programmed by Germ Theory
  • The science (or lack of) behind Germ Theory’s “Killing Doses & Results” & Biological Terrain’s “Life-Affirming Doses & Results”
  • How to balance, stimulate & nourish your Biological Terrain (your body) using Ozone
  • The right way to administer your own Home Ozone Therapy treatments including:
    • Ozonated Water
    • Intestinal Insufflations
    • Ear Insufflations
    • Oral Biome Insufflations
    • Nasal Insufflations
    • Vaginal Insufflations
    • Bubbled Ozone Through Olive Oil (BOOO) Respiratory Treatments
    • Dental & Periodontal Applications
    • Digestive Track Regeneration Protocols

These 7 Essential Learning modules offer you a Quick-Start Foundational Curriculum consisting of totally New Paradigm Educational Videos, Written Materials, Templates, Questionnaires & Private Live Interactive Q & A’s aimed at educating, supporting & inspiring you on your Superpowered Self-Healing journey.

This precedent setting Private Master Class is a rare gem.

There is nothing like it offered anywhere else. In fact, it’s the only Ozone Therapy Training that includes any of these three disciplines: Somatics, Biological Terrain Medicine, & German New Medicine--let alone all three!

So at this point you are probably thinking
WOW! this is amazing. I want to do this!

But “how much does all this cost?”

Well, learning how to become "independently healthy" is the ultimate currency, and it's invaluable. That said...

For less than the average cost of an initial intake with an Ozone Doctor, you will get this entire Private Master Class & learn to heal yourself & loved ones for the rest of your lives!

To break that down even more, you will receive a comprehensive foundation, framework & formula for healing yourself, 3 months live Coaching Calls AND you will learn how to heal yourself and loved ones with DIY: Somatics, Biological Terrain Medicine, German New Medicine & Home Ozone Therapy for the rest of your lives!

“Polla’s Private Master Class made all the difference in the world and I got way more out of it than I paid for it”

— Sam Bailey

This Private Master Class is EXACTLY what I teach and coach people on in my Extended Private Self-Healing Sessions Series that is over $3700.


  • 7 Essential DIY Instructional Videos valued at $1750
  • 7 Essential DIY Instructional PDF ’s, Templates & Questionnaires valued at $875
  • 3 Months Weekly Private Live Interactive Group Coaching Calls valued at $2220
  • Practical DIY Somatic Skills you can use for the rest of your life = invaluable
  • Self-Healing Knowledge you can share & pass on to your loved ones = invaluable
  • Priority Access to Dr. Melissa Sell, Dr. Marizelle Arce and Polla Pratt = invaluable

The Superpowered Self-healing with Home Ozone Therapy Master Class is worth over $8545
But right now I am offering it to you for just $694.

And when you weigh all this against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it’s an easy choice.

Join Us in this Private Members Only

Superpowered Self-healing with Home Ozone Therapy Private Master Class TODAY for only

2 monthly donations of $347


 Or Save $47 when you donate in full


And because I am committed to making the Superpowered Self-healing with Home Ozone Therapy Private Master Class as accessible to as many people as possible I am now offering it to you for a substantially lower donation.

This offer won’t last much longer and will be taken down without notice. When it’s gone it’s gone.

My Guarantee to You

You may be wondering “what if this doesn’t work for me?”. Well, here is the truth.

I am so convinced & you can see from all the testimonials and results that this program is proven.

And, it’s for that reason that I am so confident that this program works—if you work it!

And for that reason I am offering a no money back guarantee.

Your best guarantee IS your own commitment to yourself to heal yourself—and nobody but YOU can guarantee this.

The last thing I want to do in a program like this is to attract the type of people that don’t take responsibility for themselves and for their health & well-being and who are just looking for a magic bullet, external authority or pill to fix them, and or people that will let this program sit on their shelf and not use it—then want a refund.

The whole nature of chronic illness is not tending to oneself and it’s only when you truly commit that you will be successful in healing yourself.

So, I am only creating this offer to attract the most committed individuals that are willing to show up for themselves & do the work & take full responsibility for their own health and well-being—after all this is the Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Health Sovereignty Program!

So, if you are still doubting that you can do it & get the results you seek—then maybe this program isn’t right for you yet.

And, if this is the case with you then I ask you to get real and ask yourself:

  1. What would it take for you to whole-heartedly believe in your own innate self-healing capacities?
  2. What would it take for you to commit to follow through with this proven 3 Step Superpowered Self-healing program?
  3. If not now, then when?
Only you can answer these questions.

Special BONUS GIFTS for YOU!

If you are still sitting on the fence, and because “Gift-Giving” is My LOVE Language, and I am so passionate about helping as many people as possible--I am going to royally hook you up!

When you join the Superpowered Self-Healing with Home Ozone Therapy Private Master Class I am going to gift you 3 BONUS GIFTS (Valued at $1011)

…and a very SPECIAL 4th BONUS GIFT never before offered (Valued at $327)

“It is rare to come across a practitioner who shows up for you like, Polla Pratt. She is an extraordinarily dedicated, inspiring and creative healer.”
— Henna Maria

The 1st BONUS GIFT Valued at $ 337

Make Your Own Best Medicine

In this Special Bonus Gift you will learn:

  • How to activate your own natural pharmacy within you
  • How to make & deliver your own right on time & just as needed perfect custom “curative” cocktails for your optimal health & happiness
  • How to identify & use your Somatic Resource(s) to instantaneously start making your own best medicine from within
  • How to create chemistries & cocktails that resource, rewire and reframe your triggers & traumas into more resilient relations with self & other
  • How to increase your uptake & distribution of Ozone, elevate your treatment outcomes & maximize your self-healing results

The 2nd BONUS GIFT Valued at $ 337

Communicate with Your Innate Self-healing

In this Special Bonus Gift you will learn:

  • How your body is communicating with you all the time
  • How to speak, interpret & understand the Language of Sensation that is your body’s primary communication system
  • How images, affects, meanings, behavior & intuition are other languages that your body’s innate intelligence uses to communicate, collaborate & co-create with & through you for your ultimate self-healing & survival
  • How to increase your repertoire, vocabulary & use of the various languages your body uses so that you can better:
    • track your terrain (body)
    • administer your own home ozone therapy treatments
    • embody, articulate & translate your symptoms in meaningful ways
    • understand & better sense what phase of healing your body is in

The 3rd BONUS GIFT Valued at $ 337

The Key Somatic Sovereignty Skill

In this Special Bonus Gift you will learn:

  • What your personal Somatic Sequence is & how to identify & use it so you can grow your self-reliance, self-confidence & set the stage for your superpowered self-healing
  • How to get a grip on your nervous system & keep it from hijacking & sabotaging you & your superpowered self-healing success
  • How to slow down & spread out charges in your nervous system so that you will have more choice, option & control of your self-healing processes & life
  • How to recognize, reframe & alchemize your traumas & triggered reactions into the soulful lessons & tickets to freedom they truly are
  • How to better recognize the signs when your body is heading towards an amazing health breakthrough, or a possible intense detox reaction from doing too much Ozone too fast

My 4th and VERY SPECIAL BONUS GIFT Valued at $327

OZONE MAGIC—The 4 Spells you must make, 4 Spells you must break & What 99.9% don’t know about Ozone Therapy

This is a very rare and never released before succinct expose of what Ozone Therapy is, what it isn’t & how it truly works.

OZONE MAGIC takes you & your Home Ozone Therapy practice to the next level!

OZONE MAGIC gives you 8 Supremely Sovereign Spells--that when cast together--put you in direct control of your own Superpowered Self-Healing!

This Special Gift has the power to catapult you & your self-healing into new Supernatural dimensions you have never experienced before!

You definitely want to learn these spells, how to cast them, and to experience the epic empowerment & enlightenment they gift you by incorporating them into your self-healing practice!

Your SUPERPOWERED Self-healing Team

Polla Pratt
Ozone, Oxygen & Somatic Therapist
Dr. Marizelle Arce
Naturopathic Terrain Doctor
Dr. Melissa Sell
German New Medicine Specialist

Polla Pratt MA, SEP, RSMT, COT will be leading 8 of the 10 core learning modules and supporting all of the 90 minute Live Coaching Calls, and she will be answering your questions about Somatics & Home Ozone Therapy as that is focus of this class.

Dr. Marizelle Arce will be teaching An Introduction to Biological Terrain Medicine, and teaching the 10 Steps to Un-diagnosing yourself using Biological Terrain Medicine learning module.

Dr. Melissa Sell will be teaching An Introduction to German New Medicine, and the 10 Steps to Re-diagnosing yourself using German New Medicine learning module.

*All 3 of us are here to support you on your sacred self-healing journey. This DIY Home Ozone Therapy Private Masters Class is designed to give you the basics you need to get started. If you have a more complex condition and or need more in-depth support and would like to schedule an appointment-- as a Superpowered Self-healing Club Member you receive Priority Access Scheduling.


When you join the Superpowered Self-Healing with Home Ozone Therapy Private Members Only Master Class, you’ll receive access to everything you need to succeed on your Superpowered Self-Healing Journey!

This includes:

  • The full foundation, framework & formula for Superpowered Self-Healing Success
  • The 7 Essential Learning Modules every Self-Healer needs to become their own best doctor & heal themselves & loved ones!
  • PDF’s, Templates, Questionnaires to support your DIY Self-Healing Practice
  • 3 months weekly live interactive support video Coaching Calls
  • *Special Self-Healing Club Member Discount on Promolife Home Ozone Therapy Systems
  • Priority Private Session Access with Dr. Melissa Sell, Dr. Marizelle Arce & Polla Pratt
  • 4 BONUS GIFTS worth $1338

And much, much more!

This makes everything you get well over $9883 in value!

And you can get it all & GET STARTED TODAY for just $347!

Join Us in this Private Members Only

Superpowered Self-healing with Home Ozone Therapy Private Master Class TODAY for only

2 monthly donations of $347


Or Save $47 when you donate in full


YOU decide your own fate!

Every great change or transformation you’ve experienced ALWAYS began with a DECISION.

This very moment you have an opportunity to make a life-changing decision to get a Home Ozone Therapy System (if you don’t already have one), take this Private Members Only Master Class and learn how to heal yourself and your loved ones in the privacy of your own home for the rest of your lives--while saving a lot of money!

Or you can put off this decision for another time…

or maybe even decide this is not right fit for you.

But before you decide, have you ever considered that one of the biggest reasons that your health and or the health of your loved one(s) is not good is because you have been unwilling to take full responsibility for your own health, and to make a decision and BACK that decision with committed action?!

In every moment we have the power to take committed action & to choose differently, choose wisely, & to choose what’s best for us & the good of the whole.

Whatever you may decide…
Cheers! to your choosing to change your life for the better!


In case there is anything I missed, here are some commonly asked questions!

Where can I buy the best Home Ozone Therapy System?

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