SUPERPOWERED Self-Healing Club

Private Membership Agreement


The Superpowered Self-Healing Club (hereafter referred to as "SSC") is the name of a private members organization operated by the living woman, Polla Pratt. SSC provides whole systems health, lifestyle and leadership development education, sessions and consulting in a holistic mind, body and in a non-denominational spiritual context; SSC is an unincorporated non-commercial private members based organization and operates pursuant to the Constitution for the United States of America that allows for unlimited private contracting.

Your agreement to join SSC and to engage in any of its offerings is an agreement between you the living man or woman and Polla Pratt. SSC and Polla Pratt are synonymous. 

SSC operates pursuant to “free will” and therefore connotes the freedom to contract unrestricted and unhampered by governmental interference. SSC and its members recognize that consent makes law.

“Freedom of contract” means freedom from arbitrary and capricious action on part of state or from employing means which cannot have any logical and definite relation to the promotion of the public health, public safety, public morals, and public welfare. Atkin’s Case, 20 N.E. 2d 453, 457, 302 Mass. 562.

“Freedom of contract” is a basic unalienable right reserved to the people by the Federal Constitution that a state cannot violate even under sanction of direct legislative act. U.S.C.A. Const. Amends 5, 14, Springfield Fire & Marine Ins. Co v Holmes D.C. Mont., 32 F. Supp. 964, 967.

SSC does not do business with the public. SSC does business privately and does not include the public in its contracts. It is imperative that members understand that the Superpowered Self-Healing Club does not do business with the public and it is the intent of this agreement to positively convey this to prospective members.

This limited membership with SSC is exclusively for education, training, consulting and private sessions and is free; members may receive services through donations which include a range of knowledge, intellectual property and time; all activities and communications through or within SSC occur within the private domain only, and not in any public or legal capacity or jurisdiction; your autograph confirms your acceptance to the membership agreement and laws of SSC.

i, the woman or man undersigned below enter into this agreement of my own free will, i am of sound mind, i am at least 18 years of age, i am competent to enter into this private contract, i choose to establish this agreement between i and SSC:

i, acknowledge that some of the services offered by SSC support and facilitate the self-healing process and makes no claims to cure any disease or medical diagnosis:

i, acknowledge that my own inner knowing and listening are superior forms of insight beyond any external source and rely on these inner sources in deciding what is best for my wellbeing:

i, recognize my innate self-healing power and take full self-responsibility and personal accountability for my own actions and for the consequences of how I apply any knowledge I gain herein with SSC:

i, understand that any services received through SSC are provided by living men and women empowered through training, experiential knowing, and education, not through any external licensing authority; and that no man or woman serving in behalf of SSC will make any medical diagnosis, or give any medical prescription or any medical treatments:

i, understand and acknowledge that I may be offered various services including but not limited to Oxygen Therapies, Ozone Therapies, Somatic Therapies, Private Leadership Development, Private Organizational Development, Living Systems Process Design & Facilitation, both in person and remotely where applicable. i agree to decline any services that have been offered at any time if I do not feel comfortable. 

i, understand that any and all health and personal information shall be kept private and strictly confidential:

i agree not to share, or sell any of the intellectual or other property offered by or through SSC without first obtaining the explicit written consent of the man or woman who did create it:

i agree to act accordingly to the law set forth in this private members agreement and with Goodwill, not to engage in abusive, violent, menacing, destructive or harassing behavior towards any other man or woman who does participate in SSC or my membership may be dismissed, and access to all time and or property offered by or through SSC will cease with no refund of any donations made:

i, agree that my activities within SSC are a private contractual matter and outside the jurisdiction of statutory agencies (such as United States Local, State, Federal Agencies and other regulated foreign International governments). Invoking any external agency is a breach of contract and will result in termination of patronage and all rights there in; i agree to keep my activities within SSC private:

i, agree not to pursue any course of legal action against a fellow member of SSC, unless that member has intentionally exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil:

i, affirm that, i am joining this private membership organization in the capacity of a private member purely for my own personal self-healing and spiritual growth not in the capacity to represent any Local, State, Federal or International agency and or whose purpose is to regulate any Organization and or business and or private individuals, or to carry out any mission of enforcement, entrapment or investigation:

i understand that if any misunderstandings, claims of wrongdoing and or trespass under this agreement occur, i agree to communicate clearly respectfully and honorably and resolve any issues quickly and privately. Any disputes between SSC and i, that cannot be resolved shall be resolved by a binding arbitration with an independent arbitrator chosen by SSC:

i, agree to digitally autograph this agreement, without coercion, in exchange for access to the benefits offered by this Superpowered Self-healing with Home Ozone Therapy Master Class educational offering by SSC and acknowledge that i have read understand and agree to the laws of SSC:

This agreement shall be in full effect from date below into perpetuity or until either one or both parties terminate said agreement.

My autograph below verifies that I have read and agree to everything in this 3 page Private Members Agreement and forms a private contract between yourself the living man or woman and the Superpowered Self-healing Club.